Assessors Function

The Functions of the Assessor

The Township Assessor is required by law to uniformly assess properties at a median level of 33 1/3% (one third) of market value. Equitable assessments ensure a fair distribution of the property tax burden among all property owners. Local property taxes pay for such services as schools, villages, libraries, park districts, and fire protection districts.

The Assessor's staff maintains a file for every property located within the township. This file includes the lot size, building sketch if the property is improved, and descriptions of the improvements. When buildings are constructed, the assessor's staff gathers information from field inspections of each property. Changes to properties are monitored through building permits, sales listing information, and neighborhood inspections.

The Assessor's property files are a valuable resource to appraisers, realtors and to homeowners who want to compare their properties to similar properties to verify assessment uniformity. Assessments must be equalized to a median level of (33 1/3%) on an annual basis, and a General Reassessment is required every four years to maintain or increase assessment uniformity in each neighborhood.

Assessments increase or decrease within a neighborhood based on the three prior years' sales. If necessary, assessment changes are made within a neighborhood based on style, location, or other criteria.